Yunnan national park wooden red pandas attract crowds

A man in Pu’er, southwestern China’s Yunnan province has made four wooden portraits of a red panda in a local national park, reported on July 28. The portraits have attracted a large number of visitors after the man sent them to the park as gift.

The painter, Luobimai, is a young man of Yi ethnic group. He was fascinated by the animal, Dudu, when he first visited the national park. Since keeping protected animals is illegal in China, he decided to draw portraits of the cute animal to express his admiration.

Though Luobimai has been a painting enthusiast since childhood, he has never learnt drawing. As a result, he went to the park everyday to observe Dudu and learn more about it from staff. After two continuous months, Luobimai began drawing on round wooden boards for fear that white paper might scare the animal.

The four Dudu portraits were sent to the lovely red panda as gift bearing good wishes of health and happiness. Meanwhile, the young man hopes that more people can take the opportunity to know Dudu and red pandas in general and make efforts to protect wild animals.

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