Youngsters snatch low-cost tour products

Young Chinese people are eagerly seeking out the best domestic travel deals, such as low-price air tickets and hotel fees, as many tourist platforms and local governments have provided subsidies to boost the tourist industry.


The proportion of young tourists travelling domestically is on the rise. According to data, 58 percent of tourists are post-90s, and the growth rate of post-00s tourists should not be underestimated either.

Young tourists are no longer travelling just for sightseeing: those born after 1995 want to bring their pets to stay in hotels, and for parent-child trips, young tourists prefer hotels that help look after their children, while guesthouses have become a popular choice for team-building exercises.

Furthermore, young tourists visiting Hainan love to shop for tax-free goods. When they were unable to go out because of the epidemic, they would travel virtually: live-streamed guides by curators from the British Museum and Versailles have also become a reality.

At the same time, the younger generation’s new travel preferences have also brought new challenges to domestic scenic spots and hotels. For example, hotels should not only be a place to stay, but also provide more comprehensive services such as parent-child activities, spas and group building activities.

These young tourists are also keen on getting the best deals for flight ticket price and hotels, in some cases as low as 66 yuan (about US $9.65) for a flight or 99 yuan for one night at a hotel. Sometimes, their destinations depend on where they can obtain a special “subsidy”.

In addition, more than 60 percent of consumers plan to increase their travel budgets by more than 2,000 yuan this year, the data showed. At the same time, the epidemic has made consumers pay greater attention to travel safety, with customized and small group tours becoming more popular than before.