The world’s first virtual reality (VR) eye-tracking modular unit, aGlass, was released on Nov. 2 by 7invensun, a technology company based in Zhongguancun in Beijing, known as the Silicon Valley of China. Enabling users of VR devices to control viewpoints using only their eyes, the device offers an unprecedented VR experience.

Traditional VR devices, controlled by head movements and gyroscopes, are often unable to provide satisfying human-computer interaction.

“Such traditional interactions go against the instincts of the human body, which senses surroundings using both eyesight and head movements,” explained Xu You, vice president of 7invensun.

The eye-tracking technology simulates the human eye-focusing mechanism and adjusts images to match users’ pupil distance, thus solving the problem of vertigo while using VR devices.

Thanks to years of research and development, aGlass is able to cover the maximum range of human eye movement, 30 vertical degrees and 50 horizontal degrees. In addition, the unit also reduces eye-tracking delay to less than 5 milliseconds, with a high-sampling-rate sensor and optimized computing. The aGlass device even makes VR accessible to those who wear glasses, as users can put lenses in the modular unit to ease blurred vision.

The unit has already been officially recognized by HTC, a leading VR company.

(This article is published on People’s Daily Online)


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