On November 16, 2016, Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin, who was attending the Marrakech Climate Change Conference in Morocco, gave a joint interview to more than 10 Chinese and foreign media including Xinhua News Agency, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg News, Christian Science Monitor, Der Spiegel, Dragon Television and Caixin Media. He answered journalists’ questions on expected outcomes from the Marrakesh Conference, the follow-up negotiation and implementation of the Paris Agreement, China’s actions to cope with climate change, South-South cooperation and other topics.

Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin noted that the Marrakesh Conference is the first UN Climate Change Conference after the Paris Agreement being reached and entered into force, which is of great significance. The Chinese side hopes that the conference will make positive progress on the planning and arrangement of follow-up negotiation of the Paris Agreement, strengthening pre-2020 actions, providing fund to developing countries, capacity building and other topics. The conference should promote the follow-up negotiation and implementation of the Paris Agreement in the principle of equality, common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capacities and push forward the comprehensive, sustained and effective implementation of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin expressed that it is an extensive understanding of the international community to jointly tackle climate change and a global trend to adopt green and low-carbon development. The Chinese government will continue to conduct active measures to cope with climate change, which is not only a commitment of China to the international community as a responsible major country, but also the inevitable demand of China to realize sustainable development. In response to a question about China-US climate change cooperation, Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin said that just as President Xi Jinping pointed out during his telephone talks with US President-elect Donald Trump on November 14, as the biggest developing country and the biggest developed country respectively, as well as the top two economies in the world, China and the US need cooperation and there are a lot of things could be done through cooperation. In recent years, the US has demonstrated important leadership on climate change. China is willing to continue the dialogues and practical cooperation in climate change with the new term of US government so as to better benefit the two peoples and people of other countries.

(This article is published on the official website of Chinese Foreign Ministry)

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