US’s double standard way out of line

Some US politicians left no stone unturned to find a way to restrain China. Their recent activities in Hong Kong have not only exposed sheer hegemonism, but also showed the world their out-of-line double standard.

The escalating illegal violence has seriously undermined Hong Kong’s social order, economy and people’s life, distressing all residents who love Hong Kong and China.

However, certain US officials are still distorting the truth, calling the illegal activities “peaceful demonstrations” and claiming that the Hong Kong police repressed the protesters when they were actually enforcing the law in a restrained manner.

Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the US House of Representatives, repeatedly voiced her support of violent rioters in Hong Kong, who disabled main roads, demolished traffic lights, vandalized public property, hurled petrol bombs at police officers, committed arson, and possessed offensive weapons in Hong Kong.

In June, Pelosi called the demonstrations in Hong Kong “a beautiful sight to behold”, and in August, she made statements to support the protesters, calling rioters “courageous”.

Shortly after Pelosi expressed support for the radicals, black-clad and masked protestors damaged infrastructure and stores in the escalation of demonstrations in Portland, Oregon, the US.

The local police set up roadblocks on the streets and bridges and arrested at least 13 demonstrators. The US officials even considered defining the organizations involved in the conflicts as terrorist organizations.

This time, certain US politicians fell silent. They neither made irresponsible remarks about how American police officers enforced the law, nor praised violent acts as Pelosi had done.

This is a full display of double standard adopted by certain US politicians, who are accustomed to regarding violent activities taking place in their own country as true violence that must be cracked down on and that in other countries are merely a “sight”.

It is not just some American politicians who played double standard. Recently, US social media Twitter and Facebook have removed a large number of accounts, claiming that these accounts spread false news about Hong Kong demonstrations, were unfavorable for the demonstrators and affected the legality of their protests.

Twitter and Facebook have exposed the US hypocrisy on free expression. Even many foreign netizens have criticized the US social media’s bald-faced suppression of different opinions.

The US claims to be a country with free speech. In that case, any remark that doesn’t violate the law should be protected. So which law in the US have these accounts violated? Is the so-called freedom of speech only a privilege for those who hold the same voice as the government? Are different opinions not allowed to be expressed?

It is evident that some politicians in the US applaud the Hong Kong radicals for committing illegal violence, and attack the legal governance and solemn law enforcement exercised by Hong Kong government and Hong Kong police.

Ignoring the truth and telling lies, the US politicians used double standard to pursue their own benefits. For those benefits, they exerted themselves to facilitate color revolutions and provoke riots around the world. To satisfy their greed, they twisted the facts and made slanderous remarks about other countries.

Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China. Hong Kong affairs are purely China’s internal affairs. No one will be more concerned about the future of Hong Kong than the Chinese people.

The double standard held by some US politicians can only reveal their sinister intention of destabilizing Hong Kong in order to raise the wave against China.

We sincerely advise these people to stop meddling in other countries’ internal affairs. History will prove that they will only end up in failure if they have a finger in every pie. It will never work to stir up “color revolution” on China’s Hong Kong.