Total fertility rate in China hits over 1.7 in 2016: watchdog

( Mengxuan)

The number of newborns in 2016 hit 18.46 million and the total fertility rate reached over 1.7 as the country’s two-child policy took effect, according to a statistics bulletin released by China’s National Health and Family Planning Commission on Aug. 21, China News reported.

Statistics shows that 18.46 million babies were born in China in 2016, up 2 million from 2013 numbers, and the total fertility rate rose to 1.7 births per woman.

The mortality rate of children less than 5 years old dropped from 10.7 per million in 2015 to 10.2 per million in 2016, and the infant mortality rate decreased from 8.1 per million to 7.5 per million during the same period. China’s leading health indicators remained above the average level of middle and high-income countries in that year.

In addition, health resources allocation in China was further optimized, which can be evidenced by lower out-of-pocket medical costs and better trained health professionals.

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