Top chefs showcase delicacies in Guangzhou

As a supporting activity of the Understanding China Guangzhou Conference, which was held from Oct 25 to 27, the World Cuisine Collection and Top Chef Show took place on Oct 26 in Guangzhou, showcasing delicacies from 10 countries including China, Japan, India, and Thailand.

Zhu Xiaoyi, deputy director of the Guangzhou publicity department, said that the activity is expected to promote cultural exchanges among different countries through cuisines.

Top overseas Chinese chefs were invited to cook during the activity and carry out discussions on how Chinese food can be used as a way to increase global understanding about China.

Ken Hom, who was born and raised in Guangzhou, cooked black bean sauce chicken using traditional techniques. Hom had been invited to record a program named Ken Hom’s Chinese Cookery for the BBC in 1982, which became a big hit.

“It makes me feel warm that I’m back in Guangzhou, speaking Cantonese,” said Hom.

Martin Yan, who was also born in Guangzhou, has been hosting a program named Yan Can Cook for around 40 years.

Yan said that organizing such events in Guangzhou offers a good opportunity for Chinese chefs to communicate and learn from outstanding chiefs from all over the world.