Tomb sweeping service available in Chongqing

Some cemeteries in southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality are operating a new business—to sweep tombs for those who cannot visit the cemetery, China Economic Net reported on March 30.

Qian Hua and her colleague visit a cemetery in southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality. (Photo/Chongqing Evening News)

22-year-old Qian Hua, who works for the new business, said people who are too old to travel and those living overseas or far away can now choose this method to express their condolences.

Due to these reasons, Qian doesn’t think that this new way of commemorating deceased relatives should be called unfilial.

Qian Hua’s colleague prepares to record the tomb-sweeping process. (Photo/Chongqing Evening News)

After receiving an order from a client, the cemetery asks its staff to sweep the tomb while recording the process to ensure its authenticity. The service is charged at between 100 yuan ($14.91) and 500 yuan.

A senior couple has placed an order to have Qian express condolences to their son during the upcoming Tomb-Sweeping Day, because they are now too old and frail to make the journey themselves.

Qian Hua’s colleague records the process as she cleans a tombstone. (Photo/Chongqing Evening News)