Tiger mom crams 7 after-school courses into son’s schedule

Chengcheng, a 7-year-old boy in Quzhou, Zhejiang province, studies for seven different cram school courses every week, which cost the boy’s family almost 20,000 RMB each term. Such supplementary courses have once entered the spotlight, as early childhood education is an item of increasing concern to Chinese parents.

In addition to his regular school work, Chengcheng’s cram school courses take up an additional 14 hours each week after school lets out. The courses include painting, gymnastics, music, speech and calligraphy. Ten hours of Chengcheng’s weekends are spent in class.

Xie, Chengcheng’s mother, explained that she wants to give her son a strong start in life. She doesn’t want him to be left behind by his peers. Thus, with pressure from Xie and influence from his teachers and classmates, Chengcheng chose a packed schedule for himself, which Xie helped to arrange Chengcheng’s. Xie also made sure to combine courses that are good for the growing boy’s physical health and intellectual development.

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