Space Challenge Pays Tribute to the Pioneers of Space

Space Challenge, a reality show based on space exploration survival challenges, recently gained immensepopularity on Youku, China’s largest video platform. The program focuses on mankind’s continuing exploration of outer space and the achievements made thus far, whilst also paying tribute to the pioneers and practitioners of space exploration, including Chinese astronauts.The program invites young people around the world to cast a curious eye towards our vast universe.

Space Challengeutilizes a “specialist translation” approachin order to convey the field of space exploration so that it resonates amongst young audiences. Obscure high-tech concepts are “translated”in such a way that they are understandable and accessible. In doing so, the program truly draws back the curtain on the story of manned space flight and its related technology to the public for the very first time. Combining this approach with an entertainment show format, the program represents a major breakthrough with regard to the subject matter and the circulation of scientific knowledge. The balance struck between gripping, emotional entertainment and specialized, professional knowledge has been widely discussed amongst viewers of the show.

As China’s first space exploration survival challenge program, Space Challenge, a Youku exclusive production, depicts the training process that astronauts must undergo in simple-to-understand terms. The program also outlines the extreme challenges that human beings face in the field of space exploration, and pays tribute to the industry of manned spaceflight.The first English subtitled episode of Space Challenge will be launched exclusively on Youku’s official Youtube account, (, on November 28, 2018; allowing space fans all over the world to open the door and peer into the unknown.