Popular literature website recruits inspectors

One of China’s largest online literature sites has banned posts on politics and says it is looking for inspectors to review various website posts since Friday.

Jjwxc.net said in an online message to all of its users on Friday that “all topics and posts involving politics and related news” are banned from all sections of the website in accordance with laws and regulations.”

The message also said that the site is hiring a number of inspectors to review politically related content on the website.

The website said in the message that the move aims to help “create a healthy Internet atmosphere and maintain online order.”

Anyone applying for the position must be above 20 years of age and “have political common sense” and be sensitive to online public opinions, according to the message, with preference given to Party members.

Other requirements include a registered forum membership and passing a politics and public opinion examination.

The new rule was proposed back in January, with a suggestion that posts violating the ban be removed from the website.

Jjwsc.com, which was established in 2003, has become a well-known site providing quality literature and scripts from a number of popular Chinese films and TV series, including You Are My Sunshine, which garnered more than 5 billion views.

Meanwhile, other forums have announced similar rules or rules on politics-related content, with Chinese sports website hupu.com, saying that any comment or post related to politics or national history will be immediately deleted.

Tianya.cn, one of China’s most popular social networking sites, has said that “information on politics and prominent politicians is not welcome” on the site.

Source: Global Times

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