A Chinese businessman has spent a total of 8 million RMB to buy a retired Boeing 737 aircraft from the U.S. The airliner, purchased in September, is expected to be available for viewing by the public in Guanghan, Sichuan province.

The purchasing procedure was not easy, with shipping an especially notable obstacle. The plane, worth 3 million RMB ($442,869), took the businessman, surnamed Ning, one full month to ship from Arizona to Guanghan at a cost of more than 5 million RMB ($738,116).Assembly and refurbishing will be completed by the end of December.

According to information about the sale, the airliner was manufactured in 1973, and it spent 17,714 hours in the air before being retired. Ning graduated from China’s Civil Aviation Flight Institute in Sichuan in 2009, and worked in the civil aviation industry for one year. He currently works in real estate investment.

(This article is published on People’s Daily Online)

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