PD Online Editorial: Keeping up with the times vitalizes the Constitution

The current Constitution of China is a good one based on actual national conditions, and is in line with the progress of the times.

The Constitution, with its supreme position in the legal system and its strong legal momentum, has strongly upheld the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC), powerfully guaranteed that the people are the masters of their own affairs, powerfully stimulated reform, opening up and socialist modernization construction, promoted the process of socialist rule of law, as well as safeguarded national unity, ethnic unity and social stability.

The Constitution is the fundamental legal document that ensures that even though China and the Chinese people undergo all sorts of difficulties, dangers and trials, will continue to advance along the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics from beginning to end, and realize great national rejuvenation.

Only by constantly adjusting to new circumstances, learning from new experiences, confirming new results, and setting new standards can the Constitution keep its long-lasting vitality.

One prominent feature of the Constitution is that it must evolve alongside the advances made during the process of realizing socialism with Chinese characteristics led by the CPC. This is an inevitable demand brought about by achieving progress in practice and a basic principle in the realization of the Constitution.

Only by constantly and timely summarizing the great achievements and precious experiences accumulated by the CPC and the people, and furthermore reflecting new circumstances and demands following the development of practice and the times, can the Constitution’s roles to regulate, guide, drive and guarantee all activities be fully realized.