Most Chinese citizens are mentally healthy: report

The Institute of Psychology (IP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) issued its first blue paper on mental health on Feb. 23, revealing that most Chinese citizens have good mental health.

The blue paper, titled The Report on National Mental Health Development, will be published every two years.

According to Fu Xiaolan, head of the Institute of Psychology, the report was based on major mental health surveys conducted over the last three years, discussing mental health issues, development trends and influencing factors across different groups in China.

The report indicated that most Chinese people in urban areas have good mental health. A survey conducted in 2008 suggested that 11 to 15 percent of urban citizens aged between 10 and 100 had relatively poor mental health, and may face mild-medium psychological problems. The report warned that 2 to 3 percent might face medium-serious mental health issues.

Another survey from 2012 showed similar findings. However, this particular survey detailed that rural citizens were not as healthy as their urban counterparts.

The report showed the enormous demand for mental health services in China. However, mental health resources throughout the country are currently limited.

Chen Zhiyan, associate editor-in-chief of the report, suggested that China set up relevant standards, monitor mental health, and include mental health education at school and university level.