Michelin releases new guide dedicated to Guangzhou restaurants

The Michelin Guide Guangzhou 2019 was released on July 16, unveiling the southern Chinese metropolis’ first two-star restaurant that was praised for providing “excellent cuisine worth a detour”.

The restaurant, Jiang (江), was previously rated as a one-star Michelin restaurant in 2018 before receiving a two-star rating this year.

The Michelin Guide Guangzhou 2019 is released on July 16 in Guangzhou. [Photo/Guangzhou Daily]

Its acclaimed Cantonese cuisine strikes a balance between tradition and innovative food-making techniques, while incorporating eye-catching elements of Japan and the West. The specialties at the restaurant include roast chicken with flaxseed, Cantonese dim sum, and char siu (Cantonese roast pork).

In addition, 10 restaurants were rated as a one-star restaurant this year, two more than last year.

According to Gwendal Poullennec, international director of the Michelin Guides, the continuous development of Guangzhou’s culinary industry has impressed their reviewers since the release of the first edition of the Michelin Guide Guangzhou. They found more new and excellent restaurants as the number of restaurants included in this year’s guide increased from 63 to 79.

Guangzhou Port is an important port of the Maritime Silk Road and the city of Guangzhou is located in the Pearl River Delta. These factors have contributed to the city’s diverse and rich dining culture. The Michelin Guide Guangzhou 2019 reflects Guangzhou’s diversified food culture with a total of 18 cuisines included in it, such as Cantonese cuisine, Indian cuisine, and Singaporean cuisine.

Source: eguangzhou.gov.cn