Infant dies in sleep due to excessive bedding

Infant dies in sleep due to excessive bedding

A 7-month-old infant in Yiwu, Zhejiang province, died on Nov. 30 after being swaddled in too much bedding.

Born in May, the baby’s arrival brought infinite joy to his family. Unfortunately, he was found cold and lifeless in his bed on Wednesday morning. His mother, surnamed Zhu, immediately called an ambulance. However, the medical personnel was unable to save the infant’s life. A doctor said the baby had no vital signs when he arrived at the hospital.

Babies can overheat because of too much bedding or clothing, and overheating increases the risk of sudden unexpected death of infants (SUDI), which is most likely to occur in winter or spring in the first year of a baby’s life. Infants should not sleep with too much bedding or other wrappings. Instead, parents are advised to choose loose and soft clothes. Doctors suggest that babies sleep in a cot beside parents’ beds, where it is easier to look after them.


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