Another disturbing case of indecent pranks being played on newlyweds recently occurred at a scenic spot in Dali, Yunnan province. In a 40-second online clip, Internet users can witness the groom stripped of his clothes, sitting on a tricycle with only a red cloth covering his body. The local government has issued a ban on such pranks, which has spawned a heated public debate over the government’s right to intervene.

This is the second such prank that has attracted public attention in the past two months in Dali. In the first case, which happened in September, two naked men were tied to a tree while their friends and family members threw eggs and ink at them. To deal with the growing phenomenon, local officials officially prohibited indecent behavior carried out in conjunction with wedding ceremonies. The ban covers “indecent” performances, nudity,weird costumes, throwing food and other unruly behaviors. Those who do not obey the rules are subject to prosecution.

Public opinion is quite split, with proponents claiming that the ban will improve theoverall atmosphere of weddings. Opponents, meanwhile, believe that even though such behaviors can sometimes go too far, government intervention is not the solution. WangXu, an associate professor at the law school of Renmin University, emphasized that the ban should be viewed from the perspective of reason and legality.

(This article is published on People’s Daily Online)

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