Hotel sandwiched between two hills in northwestern China

Recently, a “sandwich” building constructed between two hills was spotted in Yanchuan County, northwestern China’s Shaanxi province.

The closest distance between the building and the hills is only 3 to 4 meters.

Yanchuan is located on a long and narrow piece of land, so it is difficult to find large and open grounds for construction. The 8-story hotel was built in 2016 after receiving approval from the local government.

According to an employee of the hotel, though the surrounding hills have been reinforced, rocks still fall down occasionally. So the hotel has placed warning signs to remind people of falling rocks. “Faced with a terrain like this, we have no better choice,” the employee said.

Tong Dan, a professional construction technician, told Beijing Youth Daily that flexible or rigid protection measures must be taken otherwise the surrounding hills might have a negative impact on the building. He added that the hotel will be safe as long as the early-stage measures have been well adopted.

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