Hot spring popular among tourists in winter


Hot-spring-themed products will remain the most popular item in the online travel agency Lvmama throughout December and until February of the following year, as predicted by the platform.

Post-80s and 90s are the major consumers of hot spring services, comprising 38.3 and 26.1 percent of the total number of tourists, respectively, statistics from Lvmama suggest. For these age groups who usually suffer from stress, hot spring certainly is a great way to relax.

95 percent of the users who place the order choose to tour with their lovers, families or children instead of travelling alone and 25 percent of the orders include at least one child under the age of 14.

Hot springs feature health, leisure and enjoyment, which makes its per customer transaction much higher than that of other types of tourism products, with the average fee reaching about 863 yuan.

More tourists favor travelling routes that combine hot springs with snow items such as skiing. The Changbaishan International Ski Center and the Yabuli Ski Resort in northeast China are very popular destinations.

Hotels with hot springs are the most frequently searched items on the online travel agency Ctrip. People aged 30-35 are the largest consumer group of hot spring hotels this winter, accounting for 20 percent of the total, according to the data from Ctrip.