Hospitals in Guangdong are paying for feces

A doctor in a hospital in Nanchang takes samples of fecal bacteria. (Photo provided by the interviewee)

Guangdong hospitals are now collecting feces from healthy people in the name of research, compensating 500 yuan ($74) to every person who donates, The Beijing News reported on March 26.

The hospitals will use the excrement to rebuild the intestinal flora of patients by transplanting fecal bacteria donated by healthy people. The feces are filtered and screened before being given to patients by capsule or through fluid infusion.

Doctors explained that the principle is to use the helpful intestinal bacteria of healthy people to replace the unbalanced bacteria in the stomachs of the ill.

The hospitals require that volunteers must not have an infection and must not have taken antibiotics in the last three months. Doctors are also studying the use of human excrement in the treatment of heart disease and diabetes.