Guangzhou continues efforts to be a ‘Food Capital of the World’

The “2019 Must-eat Food List” was published by professional gourmet institutes in Guangzhou on July 5 and nearly 60 Guangzhou restaurants made it on the “Must-Go Restaurant” list, with 29 Guangzhou cuisines selected on the “Must-Eat Food” list.

It marked another effort by the southern metropolis to promote its construction of being a “Food Capital of the World”.

A total of 1,463 restaurants and 655 dishes were on the lists. The Guangzhou dishes entering the “Must-eat Food List” include steamed rice noodle rolls, roast goose, shrimp dumplings, and Cantonese roast pork.

The Asian Beer Culture Festival is held during the Asian Cuisine Festival Guangzhou. [Photo/Guangzhou Daily]

The Asia Cuisine Festival Guangzhou was held from May 16 to 23. During the festival, seven countries, including Japan, South Korea, and Thailand, carried out special activities showcasing their national characteristics. Japanese food-making shows, special exhibitions of Korean food and cartoons, as well as a Thai gourmet party were a highlight that attracted a large number of tourists who not only tasted exotic food, but also experienced the cultures of other Asia countries.

The Asia Cuisine Festival Guangzhou built a 10-kilometer “Asian Food Culture Corridor” on both sides of the Pearl River. In the future, Guangzhou will continue to strengthen the corridor’s operation. In addition to gourmet food, Guangzhou will actively build cultural platforms for the city, taking the Pearl River as a springboard and tapping into the cultural resources of the Pearl River Delta region to make the Pearl River a calling card like the Seine River in Paris and the Thames River in London.

The city of Guangzhou boasts a variety of tasty food and it strives to build itself into a “Food Capital of the World”. [Photo/Guangzhou Daily]