Forbidden City replica withstands 10-magnitude quake test

A video showing how a replica of the ancient Forbidden City palace can withstand a 10.1 magnitude earthquake went viral online.

The wooden model palace created by specialist carpenters is based on the world’s largest timber-frame architecture inside the Forbidden City, also known the Palace Museum.

From the video, a wooden replica with brackets called dougong, which supports beams and columns, showed its flexibility, even when the jolt measured 9 to 10-maginiute in a test carried out at a lab in Beijing.

The video is part of a documentary entitled “Secrets of China’s Forbidden City,” which introduces the history, scale, and functions of the Forbidden City.

It was the first seismic experiment ever performed on a model of an ancient architecture, according to a seismological expert stationed in the Forbidden City.

In its 600 hundred years of history, the Forbidden City has survived 200 devastating earthquakes, including the deadly Tangshan earthquake in 1976.

The video earned thumbs up and positive comments from netizens.

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