Father’s unique portrait paintings of daughters go viral online

A 32-year-old Chinese man named Wan Li is a hit online because of the unique portraits he painted for his two daughters.

The Western oil painting style portraits incorporate elements of traditional Chinese painting, revealing a unique beauty of the oriental country.

According Wan, his daughters are too young to be models for painting, so he used photos of them as his source of inspiration.

He spends eight to ten hours a day on his paintings and each one of them can take up to several months to finish. He finished a total of 15 paintings in three years.

“Painting reminds me of their younger days and I can envision their future,” Wan said, adding that he hopes they will never grow up.

He believes paintings are better than photos, because they are more appealing and commemorative.

He hopes when his daughters grow up, these paintings will not only remind them of their childhood, but also make them feel the love of their parents.

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