Father builds “gym” for his daughter

A 17-year-old Chinese girl, from northern China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, has broken several school records in long-distance running, and her father should take some of the credit for her excellent performance: he not only accompanies his daughter on her runs before dawn every day, but he has also built a humble “gym” for her.


A freshman in high school, at four o’clock every morning, Zheng Guohua starts her run on the street with her father. Her father, Zheng Long, always rides a motorcycle to accompany her.

In addition to running, the father has also worked out a stringent training plan for his daughter, while incorporating use of a humble “gym” he made all by himself.

Zheng Long made use of the materials that he collected during his spare time to set up the fitness equipment. It took him half a month to build the gym so his daughter could exercise more efficiently.


Every time during the school sports meeting, he attends his daughter’s competitions. Zheng Guohua said proudly: “My classmates envy me for having such a good father. They all want to have a father like mine.”

In Zheng Guohua’s eyes, her father is not only a serious coach with a loud voice during training, but also a good comrade-in-arms to accompany her along the way.

Zheng Guohua said that there were times when she wanted to give up training, however, she encouraged herself with her father’s motto: “Only by paying the price of Superman can we get the harvest of Superman.”