Entrepreneur builds ‘rural Disneyworld’ in Hubei, benefiting children from countryside

A man from Yingshan County, Hubei province has built an amusement park in his rural hometown, providing a unique experience to children in the nearby countryside who could otherwise see nothing like it.

The man, Yu Xing, previously worked in a Shenzhen factory beginning in 2007. His smooth career path elevated him to general manager in only five years. However, his salary was not proportional to his workload, and this problem motivated him to start his own business. He quit his job in 2012, and began looking for opportunities with several of his peers.

Yu soon found that there were many agricultural parks along the coastal areas; one county was home to 40 such parks. However, his own hometown lacked a real amusement park. Together with his fellow investors, he decided to build a park in their hometown of Yingshan.

After a year of operation, the group had made a small profit. However, Yu’s ambitions were much bigger. In addition to expanding the park’s influence, he began holding go-kart races as well as peacock exhibitions to attract more tourists. Currently, a total of 70 employees work in the park, some of who are also local farmers. Yu pays a great deal of attention to the training of his employees, as he hopes to improve their performances as much as possible.

“Though urban-dwellers may not understand the novelty of the park, its facilities are something that children from rural areas have never seen before,” Yu explained.

In addition to rural visitors, Yu is also planning to attract tourists from cities. He predicted that agricultural experiences such as rice-planting, fishing, fruit-picking and home-style cooking demos will gradually become available to guests in the future.

Yu hopes that everyone, no matter from the countryside or the city, can be relaxed and happy in his amusement park.



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