Elderly video uploader becomes sensation

Jiang Minci, an 89-year-old content curator who uploads and shares her videos online, has become a viral sensation on the Internet.


By Aug. 3, Jiang had been followed by 297,000 netizens on Bilibili, a Chinese video sharing website.

This April, Jiang was turned on to the website by her grandchild Dou Dou, also an uploader, and then asked her grandchild to register an account for her.

Later in the month, Jiang uploaded her first video on Bilibili and said “Hello” to netizens. Her very first video had been played over 4.56 million times by Aug. 3.

Jiang has always had an interest in the Internet. “I think it can help elderly people like me keep up with the times and improve my quality of life,” she said.


Basically, Jiang tells stories of her life in the videos, such as how she got out of a marriage that was arranged against her will and then entered college. “I’m glad that my stories can help young people understand better how life was in the past and how the country has developed,” she said.

Before filming a video, Jiang draws up an outline and makes notes, then selects topics and discusses the details with her grandchild.

Jiang still needs her grandchild’s help when it comes to filming and editing. She has studied video editing and hopes that one day she will be able to produce videos all by herself.

For the elderly uploader, video production is a hobby that she intends to stick to. “I’m just happy to do something at this point in my life, and it’s also interesting to communicate with netizens,” Jiang noted.