Dragging China-US ties into “new cold war” to be biggest-ever crime in 21st century

A senior official with the US’ Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) claimed recently that China is waging a “quiet kind of cold war” against the United States, using all its resources to try to replace America as the leading power in the world.

“Though it is different from the Cold War conflicts between the then Soviet Union and the US, it’s still a ‘cold war’ by definition.” added Michael Collins, deputy assistant director of the CIA’s East Asia mission center at a forum on July 20.

The remarks were widely quoted by western media, making Collins one of the first American officials to clearly accuse China of invoking a “new cold war” against the US.

“China, from a counter-intelligence perspective, in many ways represents the broadest, most challenging, most significant threat we face as a country,” FBI Director Christopher Wray said at the same forum.

More extreme and even hysterical words are now used in the US to label China, as Washington has gone far describing China as an “enemy” and has somehow made such ravings politically correct.

In addition, Washington has made criticizing China a justifiable behavior, which means one can talk nonsense without thinking and will likely get some benefits by doing so.

An evidence should be provided if Mr. Collins made such a serious judgement like “China is starting a quiet kind of cold war”. However, he gave no reasons but his impression.

The accusation that China is damaging the US’ position and then replaces it is baseless. What does the “China” refer to? Does it refer to the Chinese government or civil society? China’s official documents have never indicated such a message, and the Communist Party of China has never set such a goal.

In addition, it has never been a public opinion in China to take the US as an enemy. Even when some people boast that China has caught up with the US in certain fields, such words will immediately be mocked and denied by the public.

It’s a widespread willingness and a consistent diplomatic policy of China to maintain cooperation with the US. Even when the US has initiated the trade war, China still insists on taking countermeasures according to the international practice, treats the trade war objectively and never takes the first step to extend trade conflicts to other fields.

China is clearly aware of the problems in the bilateral relations, but is willing to handle these challenges properly in the long term.

All of the conflicts and disputes between China and the US in recent years were stirred up by the US, and China was always the one to make passive responses.

China adopts a positive attitude toward joining the current international order, and has no intention on establishing a new set of rules. This point can be proved by the ongoing trade conflict between China and the US which doesn’t go beyond the range of the US-led rules.

China’s development is considered as a “fault” and regarded as a threat by the White House. It is even described as a “cold war against the US” by some American officials like Collins.

These narrow-minded politicians, lack of imagination and judgment, cannot find other words but the “cold war” cliche to describe such an unprecedented major country relationship between China and the US.

Some American elites attributed the failure of China-US ties to China’s adherence to the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics. However, is there a necessity for countries with different social systems to confront with each other? This is the last thing that China wants, but some US officials are just fanning up this theory and expecting such confrontation.

The China-US relationship is facing unprecedented complexity and challenges. However, in the 21st century, the trade war cannot cloud the interwoven interests between the two countries, and to cut off the China-US ties is nothing but a pipe dream to turn back the hands of time.

China-US relationship is the toughest agenda in the history of international relationship. Facing it and managing it will be an act responsible for not only the people from both countries, but also the world and the human civilization at large.

Forcing a “comprehensive cold war” between China and the US will be the biggest crime in the 21st century, and some American elites are just going toward this shameful direction. It’s hoped that both countries and the international community can curb the crime and protect the future of human.