Cross-sea train route connects Hainan with railway network

(Photo/China Railway’s Weibo account)

During a typical commute in China, it’s not often that a passenger will get a glimpse of the sea from the comfort of their train seat. However, it’s not difficult for those who travel between Guangdong and Hainan, as the train is carried on a ship for part of the journey.

The Guangdong-Hainan Railway, or Yuehai Railway, is China’s first cross-sea train route. As its name suggests, the line operates between Guangdong and Hainan provinces, crossing the Qiongzhou Strait in between the two.

(Photo/China Railway’s Weibo account)

Heading southward, the train first hits the railway, boards a ship, and then disembarks to reconnect with the rail network after less than an hour at sea.

To the north and south of the strait, platforms have been built, which can be adjusted in height and location to allow the seamless motion from rail to sea.

Four ships are currently used for this cross-sea transportation. Generally, it takes 50 minutes to carry a train and other vehicles from one side of the straight to the other.

The cross-sea route plays an important role in joining Hainan into the national railway network.