Chinese students behind photo published in Science

The photo of the Moon and the Earth together in Science. (Photo/CCTV app)

A photo capturing the Moon and the Earth together was published in the journal Science on Feb. 15.

The photo was taken by the microsatellite Longjiang-2, which was developed by a group of Chinese students from Harbin Institute of Technology, in northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province. Hailed as the best ever photo taken of the Moon and the Earth, it went viral on mainstream international media before its publication.

Wei Mingchuan (lower right) (Photo/CCTV app)

Wei Mingchuan, born in 1991, is in charge of the load subsystem in the microsatellite Longjiang-2 on the Chang’e 4 mission, there to explore the mysterious far side of Moon. He was also the chief designer of LilacSat-2, the first nanosatellite independently designed, developed and controlled by students in China.

The 28-year-old student earned himself the nickname Boss Wei as he is almost the eldest in the team of Longjiang-2.

Tai Mier (Photo/CCTV app)

Tai Mier, born in 1996, designed the camera of Longjiang-2, which snapped the stunning photo. Tai was 20 years old when he began the design.

Huang Jiahe, born in 1999, designed software for the ground monitoring station of Longjiang-2.

“We are born to dream,” member of the youngest team in the Chang’e 4 mission said proudly.