Chinese sci-fi earns global applause

The official poster for The Wandering Earth (Photo/

Chinese science fiction writers have offered a new perspective in the creation of sci-fi as they think differently from western writers. Therefore, their ways of expression are welcomed in the west, said Kevin J Anderson, an American science fiction author.

He made the remarks at the 2019 China Science Fiction Convention in Beijing on Nov. 3, where sci-fi heavyweights from around the world gathered to share their perspective on China’s sci-fi industry.

Experts present at the conference hailed the making of sci-fi movie The Wondering Earth as a Chinese narrative in depicting disasters in sci-fi movies.

Liu Cixin, author of the book The Wandering Earth, said China’s sci-fi industry, which has just started to make progress, is in a golden era of development. “The futuristic development environment of China provides soil for sci-fi creation,” he pointed out.

He noted that sci-fi works are more welcomed in China nowadays. In the past, Chinese people paid more attention to reality, but now, the younger generations think more about the future, and are interested in topics far outside the realms of daily life.

Quji Xiaojiang, deputy general manager at Bona Film Group Ltd., said the success of The Wandering Earth had injected confidence into the Chinese movie industry, noting that more capital would flow into the sector in the future.