Chinese rescue team able to reach any site in 24 hours

A Chinese research and rescue team consisting of volunteers was hailed by the Communist Youth League of China because of its outstanding assistance during the major earthquake that took place in southern Mexico this February.

Jun He carries out rescue in Mexico.

The team, named Ram Rescue, is a research and rescue team under China’s civil organization Ram Union. Classified as a Medium Team within the International Search and Rescue Advisory Group (INSARAG), it can reach any rescue sites in the world within 24 hours.

The civil rescue team has participated in earthquake assistance in China in places such as Wenchuan, Yushu, Ya’an and Jiuzhaigou, and they have also left their footprints at destinations abroad including Nepal and Pakistan.

The Ram Union was founded by Jun He in 2003, the owner of a jewelry identification organization based in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou. The members, most of whom were young entrepreneurs, believe that it is significant and meaningful to help people in need.

In the first five years, the organization offered charity randomly and without a common goal. However, with the increasing frequency of rescues offered, it gradually became more professional.

After participating in a disaster relief program in Wenchuan in 2008, the Ram Union established the professional team – Ram Rescue targets disaster emergency response. He said that civil organizations have only limited power, so they have managed to shift their focus to what they are really best at.

Now Ram Rescue has set up multiple branches in both China as well as in foreign countries including the US (Dallas) and Italy.

According to He, the rescue team will conduct evaluations before it goes for missions every time, and rescues will be initiated within two hours of each evaluation.

He hopes to build a time-honored brand of China’s civil organization which has a big say on the international stage. “The Ram Union is working to become such an organization,” He said.