Chinese ready to shop the world at CIIE

Signages for the CIIE in Pudong, Shanghai (Zhou Dongchao/People’s Daily Online)

More than 2,800 enterprises from 130 countries and regions will participate in the first China International Import Expo (CIIE) scheduled for early November, providing a convenient way for Chinese customers to shop the world without going abroad.

The five-day-long CIIE, which kicks off on Nov. 5, will hold eight feature sections including national and industry exhibitions including automobiles, costumes, high-end equipment, home appliances, food and agricultural products, medicine, services and trade. All participating countries and companies will bring their feature products to China.

Taking Bulgaria as an example, small and medium enterprises from Bulgaria will bring traditional specialties including wine, dairy products, honey, coffee, rosewater and essential oils to the exhibition area.

A man tries a new keyboard instrument. (Xinhua/Fang Zhe)

Senegal treats the CIIE as an excellent opportunity to expand exports to China and boost bilateral economic and trade cooperation. Exhibitors from Senegal will present their agricultural, textile, handicraft and fishing products during the Expo.

American brands such as Whirlpool, Qualcomm and General Electric are also coming to Shanghai with high-end kitchen and sanitary products, advanced 5G products and AI (artificial intelligence) products, to seek cooperation with Chinese enterprises in upgrading.

Chinese people have high expectations for the upcoming Expo. For example, Chen, a medical equipment salesperson of 20 years, is looking forward to seeing the world’s smallest pacemaker made by Medtronic, a US medical service company with world-leading medical technology.

He said that the new coin-size pacemaker eliminates the wire which was necessary in the traditional model, thus providing significant benefits for patients. He also believes that the first CIIE is a chance to introduce world-class medical technology to Chinese patients.

Lu Shanshan, a 26-year-old from Beijing, told People’s Daily Overseas Edition that her focus is on imported cosmetics and skincare products. During the CIIE, leading Japanese cosmetics brand Kao will launch its skin care brand SOFINA in China.

The much-anticipated Expo will not only embrace a large number of international brands and cutting-edge commodities and services, but also stimulate China’s import and export market and healthy competition on a global scale.

A customer talks with an exhibitor of the first CIIE. (Xinhua/Fang Zhe)

Japanese media outlet The Diplomat said on its website that the CIIE affirms China’s determination and the promise of inclusive globalization in the context of the US’s move towards unilateralism.

Against rising trade protectionism and increasing uncertainties, the CIIE is of unique significance, said Li Hao, researcher at the China-ASEAN Collaborative Innovation Center for Regional Development at southwest China’s Guangxi University.

It will echo China’s attitude toward opening wide to the world, and inject dynamism to the world economy, said Li.