Chinese naval ship drives away suspected pirate vessels for foreign freighters

On Sept. 27, the supply ship Qinghaihu of the 27th Chinese naval escort taskforce drove away nine suspected pirate vessels for a U.K. container ship and a Maltese freighter.

At 9:32 a.m., the two ships sailed to the left of Qinghaihu, and the suspected pirate vessels approached the U.K. ship 10 minutes later.

The Chinese naval ship immediately initiated first-class anti-piracy operations and used sirens to warn the nine vessels.

The Maltese freighter soon approached the right side of Qinghaihu.

Later, the suspected vessels stopped approaching the U.K. ship. In order to prevent them from attacking the Maltese freighter, the Chinese naval ship forced them starboard.

At around 10:13 am, the U.K. and Maltese vessels left the region. Qinghaihu lowered its alert level and continued its patrol mission.

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