Chinese man makes name for himself by making novel handicrafts

A man from Changchun, northeastern China’s Jilin province, has made a name for himself by making novel handicrafts, Changchun Evening News reported.

Plastic or metal model transformers are common, but Liu Xuedong has made a , spending 2 months on the project. The transformer is made from tree branches and held together by more than 500 bolts. Painted in red and blue, the model of Optimus Prime looks like it jumped out of the screen.

Liu’s work has attracted the attention of his residential community, with many neighbors showing interest in his work.

Three years ago, inspired by a foreigner who set a Guinness World Record for making a giant horse with toothpicks, Zhang, who was running a barbeque restaurant back then, decided to make a similar one himself.

The handicraftsman turned 300,000 toothpicks into a vivid running horse on a foam board which is 3 meters in length and 1.5 meters in width.

In 2016, Liu started making hydro cooling computer cases with sheets of iron, wood, and plastic. His motherboard and hard drive have now been stuffed into one of the cases he made, and the system is running smoothly.

The cooling computer case

It is worth mentioning that Liu once participated in a world-class handicraft competition in which only nine Chinese competitors were selected.

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