Chinese enterprise facilitates agricultural development in Brazil

China and Brazil have sought closer cooperation in agricultural technologies in recent years. In 2016, China’s Hunan Dakang International Food & Agriculture Company acquired a controlling stake in Brazilian grain company Fiagril Ltda, helping to facilitate agricultural development in Brazil.

In 2015, the soybean area in Amapá, a state located in northern Brazil, didn’t amount to 2,000 hectares, and the yield per hectare was only 1,980 kilograms, much lower than the nation’s average of 3,000 kg per hectare.

A manager with Fiagril explained that the soil in Amapá was not fertile and couldn’t produce soybeans on a large scale. To increase the soybean yield, the company developed chemical fertilizers based on local climate and soil conditions, while sending technicians to collect data about the land and crops to keep track of the planting process.

So far, the soybean area in the state has increased to 20,000 hectares, and the soybean yield stands at 2,880 kg per hectare. The company also enabled farmers to buy agricultural resources on credit so that the agricultural production could run more smoothly, the manager said.

Last year, Brazil produced 110 million tons of soybeans, becoming the second-largest producer of soybeans in the world.