Chinese county strives to develop e-commerce businesses

Zhenping county, located in central China’s Henan province, has taken measures to develop the local economy though e-commerce platforms in recent years.

The county now boasts about 30,000 online stores and e-commerce enterprises, with the annual turnover exceeding 18 billion yuan.

To support e-commerce companies, the county has set up a fund of 20 million yuan to help them attract talents, publicize products and so on.

Meanwhile, Zhenping has trained 10,000 e-commerce professionals for the local industry by setting up related courses since 2019.

Zhenping, home to jade carving, has developed a business model of selling jade through live broadcasts. More than 2,000 jade carving enterprises are selling their products through both online and offline channels.

Shifosi town, a pioneer in the county’s jade business, has included live streaming videos in the local e-commerce hub to sell jade.

Over 200 enterprises have been introduced into the e-commerce base, with annual sales reaching 500 million yuan through live broadcasts.

By facilitating e-commerce businesses, Zhenping has helped a total of over 400 poverty-stricken households increase their income and shake off poverty, with Chaobei town in the county setting a good example by selling local sweet potatoes through online platforms.

Cui Yuzhu, a villager at Chaobei town, sold 18 mu (about 12,000 square meters) of sweet potatoes in 2019. One mu of land yields about 5,000 kg of sweet potatoes every year and brings an income of 5,000 yuan, said Cui.