Chinese academicians help with agricultural process amid the pandemic

To ensure agricultural production amid the pandemic, academicians in agricultural science at the Chinese Academy of Engineering have made their own efforts in various ways.

Yuan Longping (Photo/Xinhua)

Despite the epidemic, Chinese agricultural expert Yuan Longping has continued with his four-month-long scientific research, just like he has every year before.

To achieve the large-scale application of the third-generation hybrid rice, Yuan has been busy making a comprehensive plan and guiding the team members, aiming to develop super-high hybrid rice and saline-alkali tolerant rice in this year.

Under the support of the local government, in January academician Zou Xuexiao discussed with other researchers online and formulated a guideline on ensuring the supply of vegetables in Hunan province amid the epidemic.

After the epidemic gradually curbed in China, Zou visited the vegetable demonstration bases in Hunan, providing instructions for the farmers.

Although in the hospital for gout at 82-years-old, academician Guan Chunyun went to the demonstration base at the Hunan Agricultural University to examine the conditions of the agricultural products at the beginning of March, providing guidance for agricultural technicians.

Guan will focus the attention on breeding and promoting high-quality oilseed rape, bringing more nutritive colleseed oil to people, said his assistant, Guan Mei.

Besides giving instructions to tea farmers, Liu Zhonghua, an academician on tea growing, has hosted live broadcasts to introduce and sell tea leaves for the farmers.

After visiting a collection of tea gardens to infuse confidence into farmers in poverty-stricken areas, Liu said, “As the epidemic has attacked the tea industry, I want to make an effort to facilitate the sales and benefit the tea farmers.”