AI “embedded” in various industries

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become “embedded” in various industries, such as medicine, finance, transportation and journalism, said an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in a recent speech.


Mao Junfa, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and vice president of Shanghai Jiaotong University, said that the embedding of AI will effectively help solve the problems faced by traditional industries, give full play to the value brought by large amounts of data, and empower their development.

“The essence of the development of AI is solving the deterministic problems in complete information and structured environment through algorithms, computing power and data,” Mao Junfa said, noting that with the further development of algorithms, computing power and data, the arrival of the era of intelligence of everything is bound to be accelerated.

According to Mao Junfa, in the future era of the Internet of Everything, the lives of ordinary people, industrial production and a country’s system of social governance will witness tremendous change.

First of all, smart devices will gradually become more miniaturized, portable, transparent, and will even be replaced by cloud devices. As long as personal authentication is successful, users can use terminals to connect to information centers anywhere.

Second, the reliability and stability of automated production will increase significantly, and the number of personnel directly engaged in production will be greatly reduced.

Finally, all kinds of information will be able to play an important role in analyzing and predicting the national economic and political development of a country, and its future policy formulation and direction planning. As personal information can be uploaded at any time, the handling of business procedures for many businesses will be greatly simplified.

“There is an urgent need to explore a new mode of training top-notch talents in AI basic research and cross-application of high-end talents,” Mao Junfa also pointed out.