China’s overweight population reaches 440 million

There are currently 440 million overweight people in China, with 130 million classified as obese, according to a blue paper recently issued by the Chinese Nutrition Society.

About 40 percent of the world’s population is dealing with the issue of obesity, and the growth of obesity – especially childhood obesity – is bound to result in increased chronic illness, the paper explained.

According to the blue paper, multiple factors contribute to obesity. In addition to fixed factors such as genetics, environment and behavior are among the biggest causes of the health issue. Improper dietary habits and a lack of physical exercise are major problems. Obesity can lead to severe cardiovascular and cerebrovascular issues, endocrine and metabolic diseases, and disorders of the respiratory, digestive and motor systems.

Experts suggest that adults work to control their waistlines below 90 and 85 centimeters for men and women respectively. If need be, the blue paper encourages people to change their lifestyles to prevent obesity. With regards to diet, proteins and carbohydrates that are naturally low in fat are recommended.

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