China’s 2-seat FC-1 Xiaolong trainer completes maiden flight

The two-seat FC-1 Xiaolong trainer, China’s latest model of the FC-1 Xiaolong line, completed its maiden flight in Chengdu, Sichuan province on April 27.

Developed on the basis of the single-seat FC-1 Xiaolong aircraft, the new model is a lightweight multi-role combat jet that can be used in both battle and training. It is also a cost-effective third-generation trainer able to conduct beyond-visual-range battles and precise attacks. Other countries placed advanced orders for the aircraft even before it was developed, based solely on the performance and value of its predecessors.

FC-1 Xiaolong was developed from the platform of J-7, a variant of the former Soviet Union’s Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21. The J-7 was once popular in many third-world countries, but demand for new models gradually rose as the second-generation aircraft became obsolete.

In 1999, China and Pakistan signed an agreement of cooperation, officially embarking on the research and development of FC-1 Xiaolong. Now, after years of good performance, the successful aircraft model has entered rapid development.

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