China to officially implement national anthem law starting October 1

China’s national anthem law will be officially implemented starting October 1, Beijing Youth Daily reported on Saturday.

Yu Hai, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and a famous cantor, has been making efforts for 10 years to legalize the proper use of the national anthem.

“The national anthem, national flag, and national emblem are all symbols of China’s national image,” Yu told Beijing Youth Daily, adding that the law is also a reflection of the improved legal system in China.

To protect the national anthem is the original intention of his proposal of the legislation, Yu noted. In addition, China’s national anthem enjoys the same legal status as the national flag and national emblem.

According to Yu, both domestic and overseas orchestras have misplayed the national anthem.

“I’m very disappointed about that since I believe there should be no mistakes in playing national anthems. That is a minimum requirement,” Yu noted.

The legislation also received broad support from Chinese literary and art circles, which shows that the national anthem law is a common aspiration of the people.

Starting this October, anybody who modifies the lyrics or the playing or singing of the national anthem in a malicious or disrespectful way will be investigated.

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