China to green its construction to cope with climate challenge: State Council Counselor

China will green its construction to cope with climate challenge, said Qiu Baoxing, counselor of the State Council and former vice minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. Green construction will become a new name card for China, one with global impact, he added.

Qiu made the remarks following a press conference on the 14th International Conference on Green and Energy-Efficient Building held in Beijing.

The counselor believes that the green construction industry will embrace a critical period of development as China enters the 40th year of the reform and opening up in 2018.

The long-term goal of green development, the establishment of the carbon market, and Chinese government’s determination to make the skies blue again will all serve as significant opportunities for the industry, Qiu noted.

Qiu suggested constructors pre-fabricate each building part and assemble them on site, so that the process of house making will be more environmentally friendly.

In addition, the method could also serve as strategic supply for the country in times of emergency, as the construction parts are recyclable.

According to Qiu, green construction should be done in accordance with local environments in a bid to better adapt to local climate and reduce energy consumption.

He predicted that smart facilities would become a trend for green construction. These smart facilities can informationize the functions of buildings through artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and big data, and reduce the energy consumption to the minimum.

Moreover he said that the construction should take dwellers’ health into consideration by upgrading the construction materials and optimizing the design of patterns and public spaces.

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