China launches first real-time digital “person”

China’s first independently developed real-time digital “person” was launched in Chongqing on December 16, Chongqing Daily reported.

The virtual model, introduced by Dawaweilai video technology company, can make the same gestures and facial expressions as a real person, straight from a specially designed studio.

Equipped with 42 camera lenses, the studio will capture the body movements of a person for the digital model. The helmet-like facial recognition instrument worn by the real person will convey his facial expressions to the digital one.

The digital hologram can make the same gestures and facial expressions thanks to the real-time frame rendering system independently designed by the company, said Lu Qi, CEO of Dawaweilai.

The real-time rendering system could simulate 120 frames of 4K-resolution videos per second, 1,500 times faster than the traditional video production method.

Only several companies in the world can make real-time digital persons right now, Lu added.

Real-time digital person technology can be widely used in digital film and television, virtual idols, virtual studios and etc. It can greatly increase the mass-production capacity of industries such as film and television and significantly reduce production costs.