China intensifies environmental inspections

China’s central government has organized a second group of inspection teams to review environmental protection efforts in local governments. Inspection teams will be dispatched to seven provincial regions including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong, according to the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

The strict supervision system for environmental protection was approved by the central government in 2015. According to the arrangement, central inspectors will visit all provincial-level regions by the end of 2017, strengthening supervision over key decision-makers.

The first round of inspections took place in Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Henan and Yunnan provinces, along with Inner Mongolia, Guangxi Zhuang and Ningxia Hui Autonomous Regions. Through the efforts of these seven teams, over half of all Chinese provinces will be inspected.

Inspection teams will keep a close watch over prominent environmental issues and potential mismanagement or inaction on the part of local governments.

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