China, Georgia set good example of mutual cooperation: Georgian Ambassador

In recent years, Georgia and China have built momentum in developing bilateral ties, coordinating and cooperating with each other while respecting each other’s interests.

The remarks were made by Archil Kalandia, Georgian Ambassador to China. According to him, with free trade agreements, the two countries have brought bilateral ties to a new level and set a good example for mutual cooperation.

An increasing number of Chinese companies are running businesses in Georgia, some of which have even gained a foothold in the Georgian market, said Kalandia.

China, on the other hand, is the third largest importer of Georgian wine, with wine imports reaching 6.95 million bottles in 2018, as pointed out by Kalandia.

Over 40 Georgian wine stores have opened in Beijing, Shanghai and other Chinese cities.

The ambassador said the Georgian embassy in China is also actively promoting the folk music, traditional dance, history of wine-making and so on to help more Chinese learn about their local culture and tradition.

According to him, the Belt and Road Initiative enables Georgia to give full play to its geographical advantages and develop into a regional center for trade, transportation and logistics, thus promoting cooperation between Europe and Asia.

Georgia has been committed to facilitating the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route with other countries under the initiative, noted Kalandia.

The ambassador also praised China for its remarkable achievements in the past 70 years, attributing it to the down-to-earth work of the Communist Party of China, social stability and peaceful development.