China expected to roll out commercial 3D-printed houses in 2019

Chinese citizens should be able to move into 3D-printed houses that conform to national construction regulations and standards in 2019, China News Agency reported Tuesday.

These houses are being developed by Beijing-based tech supplier, Huashangluhai, the only company to use normal-strength reinforced concrete as a printing material, after years of research.

Wu Jiangping, founder of Huashangluhai, explained that the company had adopted a new print-on-site technology that helps improve structural stability. Apart from civil buildings, the company is also able to print commercial complexes.

Compared with traditional methods, 3D printing could not only save 30 to 60 percent of building materials and over half of the associated human cost, but also shorten the construction time. Safety risks and pollution could also be significantly reduced.

For these reasons, China eagerly supports the broad application of such technology. The 2016-2020 outline for informatization development of the construction industry issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development noted that China would actively explore this area.

In modern Chinese society, where there is an emphasis on living quality, 3D-printed houses will undoubtedly catch the eyes of both the real estate market and buyers, said an expert.