China, British publishers working to introduce another math book series into UK

Another set of math textbooks are about to be introduced to the UK after a former English version of a popular set of Shanghai math books proved to be very welcomed in the UK.

The new book series, named “5 Minute Math Mastery”, will be jointly published by HarperCollins Publishers LLC and the publishing house with East China Normal University. The books focus on training learners’ mental calculation.

Like the English version of books “Shanghai Maths One Lesson One Exercise”, the new books will also be adapted and translated according to the national curriculum standards of the UK. The series of 24 books will be used by primary school students from grade one to six.

The high-quality content is the fundamental reason for the introduction of the book into the UK, said Ni Ming of East China Normal University Press.

“The good reputation of ‘Shanghai Maths One Lesson One Exercise’ books makes them stand out for HarperCollins, said Fan Lianghuo, editor-in-chief of the English version of the books.

The books were put on shelves via Amazon UK in August 2017; by the end of 2017, more than 40,000 volumes of the books were sold.

Other Chinese supplementary study books are also welcomed. For instance, about 50,000 students in Malaysia are using a whole set of science study materials published by Zhejiang Education Publishing Group based in Hangzhou.

Fan said more than 10 teachers from the UK were invited to translate and edit the books together with Chinese experts, to make sure that the contents reflect Chinese math education and are well-received by the UK learners.

“I was told that my son may never learn math well. But I saw him quickly doing five pages of the magic math book upon getting it. I’m glad that we are using the book and we’ll buy more,” a parent commented under the sales page of “Shanghai Maths One Lesson One Exercise” books.

China’s education concept and methods also go abroad along with the introduction of the books into foreign countries. An expert who proofread the English version of the “Shanghai Maths One Lesson One Exercise” books said the integration of education resources and methods will be a trend in the future.