Bicycle course in Chinese university proves popular with students

Recently, Hebei University in Baoding, central China’s Hebei province, has drawn attention thanks to its bike-riding course.

The optional course, designed for 30 students, opens every semester and always receives full enrollment, said Song Hongtao, who teaches the class.

During the class, students learn about the bicycle parts, safety precautions, formation, signaling and skills.

Moreover, they let students practice hand gestures, repairing and riding bicycles in the function room or outdoor space, Song explained.

As for extracurricular activities, students ride bicycles to scenic spots around the city. During the summer vacation, they even arrange different routes to ride across the country, and they have now set foot in over 30 Chinese provinces.

Song said that they teach the students first aid and how to ask for help when riding outdoors and simulate emergencies during the class to ensure student safety.

By running the course, Song hopes to inspire the students to travel in a more environmentally-friendly way and encourage them to get involved in more group activities, helping them to communicate and cooperate more often with others.