Beijing customers line up for fresh-baked mooncakes

Customers buy freshly-baked mookcakes in a store of Daoxiangcun.

Residents in Beijing were spotted queuing to buy freshly-baked mooncakes as the Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, Beijing Youth Daily reported on Sept. 13.

Baking and selling mooncakes in the same spot has become a business tactic this year. In a store of Daoxiangcun, a traditional Beijing-based brand, a 30-meter-squared transparent kitchen was set up to provide timely replenishment of mooncakes.

A staff member of the shop said that one person had bought 40 Yunnan ham mooncakes as soon as they left the oven on Sept. 13. On the same day, baked mooncakes sold out within an hour of being ready to eat.

The shop currently sells over 1,000 mooncakes per day, and the total number of cakes sold this year is expected to reach 100,000, according to the store manager.

A manager of an Ito Yokado supermarket in Beijing said that making mooncakes at the selling site is a creative move that could draw customers to the baked goods.

Pizza Hut is also grabbing the attention of consumers with special mooncake gift boxes themed on the Palace Museum.

This year’s gift boxes are made using recyclable materials to help avoid extravagance and waste.