American ginseng company looks forward to China International Import Expo

Jiang Mingtao (right) digs Ginsengs in a farm in Marathon County in the U.S. state of Wisconsin on Oct. 22, 2018. (Xinhua/Wang Ping)

An American company will attend the first China International Import Expo (CIIE), to be held in Shanghai in early November.

“It is a big event in China. We will have a stand there,” said Jiang Mingtao, founder of Marathon Ginseng International Inc. in the US state of Wisconsin. The company registered to attend the expo as soon as the event was publicized.

The company will display its ginseng gift boxes, ginseng cosmetics, ginseng liquor, and ginseng extract tonics at the expo. “I believe this expo will boost our future exports to China,” said Jiang.

Founded in 2010, Marathon Ginseng began to export ginseng to China in 2012. At its peak, half of the company’s exports were sold to China.

Wisconsin has about 180 ginseng farms which produce around one million pounds of ginseng each year, and statistics show that about 70 percent of that output has been exported to China.

State officials said that Wisconsin is targeting China as its major export market of cheese and cranberries.

Officials from the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture will attend the upcoming import expo, said the state’s international trade representative.

“It’s important for China and the US to learn from each other,” said Wisconsin Cheese Association President John Umhoefer, adding that American companies are learning what the Chinese people want, and China has to learn what the US can offer.